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Our Alpacas

As an animal lover with my own herd of lovely alpacas and other animals , it has always been important to me that our animals live as happy and as natural as possible, ensuring their happiness and welfare comes first.

I was excited to learn that we could make luxury, sustainable and eco friendly items of clothing and textiles from the fleece of our beautiful alpacas without them being harmed in any way.


Our alpacas are sheared once a year by two lovely ladies who shear them with care and compassion. This is done usually around June when the weather has warmed up and the alpacas benefit from being rid of their fleece so they don't overheat.  Shearing in the spring gives the fleece time to grow back again for the winter ensuring our alpacas have a thick fleece and are warm and cosy again for the colder weather. They of course also have a shelter they can choose to go in if they wish too all year round.

I wanted to bring their characters into the different designs and colours we produce, bringing their personalities from the item of clothing you purchase.  We currently have 3 colours of yarn that has been taken from all our alpacas.  The white and black was blended to make a gorgeous grey,  the rich colour of Rebellion and other browns have been blended to make a beautiful brown, then the brown yarn and grey yarn was knitted together to make a stunning brown and grey marl, so we have 3 ranges in 3 different colours this year.

Alpaca fibre is lanolin free, making it hypoallergenic, suri alpaca fleece has the lustre of silk and is one of the most luxurious, sustainable and eco friendly fibres in the world. 

Buying our alpaca made items, you can be assured that our alpacas, are nurtured with love and care throughout their life and are part of our family and are happily grazing in their fields.

You are welcome to come and meet our alpacas, please look at our other website that shows the experiences we offer, including afternoon tea with the Alpacas where you will be able to book (Vegan friendly option available)